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The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation is the fundraising arm of The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, one of the world’s leading children’s hospitals.

Donations to the Foundation directly support pioneering research into curative and preventative medicine; the best resources to assure world class care and treatment of children requiring medical treatment; and development of the best medical talent in the world.

Any support you provide the Foundation now, could one day save the life of a child. With your help, The Royal Children's Hospital can continue provide excellence in paediatric care.

You can choose to donate directly to the Foundation or you can choose to raise funds on our behalf.

Creating your own online fundraising page is a great way to raise funds for The Royal Children’s Hospital. Whether you are taking part in a personal challenge, participating in an event, requesting donations in lieu of gifts for a special occasion or setting up a tribute to a loved one an online fundraising page is a free and easy tool to help you gather support.

For more information about the Foundation, please visit our main website www.rchfoundation.org.au, join our Facebook page and follow us on twitter.

Current Campaigns

In Honour

Events Date Money Raised Online  
In Celebration 03 December $220,667.06 >> select
In Memoriam 09 December $147,310.74 >> select
RCHF Current Fundraisers 09 December $391,510.21 >> select
Support the Centre for Adolescent Health 19 November $14,985.85 >> select
Direct Donations 14 December $1,192,276.19 >> select
Cuppa for Kids 09 January $5,354.69 >> select
The Royal Children's Hospital Education Institute 01 August $4,518.90 >> select
Gender Dysphoria Service 12 December $20,576.60 >> select
Fly for the Kids RCH Staff 01 January $65,732.50 >> select
Fundraise at School 12 January $0.00 >> select
Fundraising Superheroes 24 January $0.00 >> select
In Celebration Birthday 08 February $0.00 >> select
In Celebration Wedding 08 February $0.00 >> select
In Celebration Bar Mitzvah 08 February $0.00 >> select
In Celebration Bat Mitzvah 08 February $0.00 >> select
In Celebration Welcome Home 08 February $0.00 >> select

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