We knew you had Team Finnan’s Gift spirit in you!

Welcome to our Team Finnan's Gift Fundraising Page. Now that you’re on board for the 2019 Melbourne Marathon Festival, it's time to set up your fundraising page by hitting the START FUNDRAISING button! 

If you're participating as an individual or family unit, simply follow the Everydayhero signup process and build your personal fundraising page. If you are participating as part of a sub-team (i.e. work team, club, etc.) your team leader can provide you with a link to your team page so you can build your individual page within the teams. Alternatively you can search for your team via the Support a Friend menu above, and then hit the orange Join Team button. 

The next and final step is to start walking/running so we can make our amazing team even more amazing!

Of course, if supporting is more your thing, hit the SUPPORT A FRIEND button and suprise someone amazing with an inspirational message and generous donation.

      Remember why we’re doing this...

Every click, every person who joins, every mile we run will only bring us closer to our goal of reaching $50,000 to help deliver the RCH their first ever CardioHelp machine

We can’t thank you enough for choosing to make a difference with us, but we will certainly try!

As a member of Team Finnan's Gift, you'll have access to our exclusive race day venue – the Collingwood Football Club’s Glasshouse Eatery – which is literally 50 metres from the start line! 

We’ll have fresh fruit, water, candy and coffee, our own toilets, a warm place to stretch/get changed and leave our bags, as well as a seriously great “2019 edition” team T-Shirt for each individual who raises over $200! 

  There’s more!

Get tips, motivation and inspirational updates whenever you need them by visiting the Team Finnan’s Gift Hub! Enjoy being a part of something greater than yourself as we work together to deliver yet another game changing outcome to the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne. 

What are you waiting for?

26 heroes fundraising today.

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