Who we are:

The Royal Children’s Hospital’s (RCH) Gender Dysphoria Service provides medical and mental health services and support for transgender children, adolescents and their families.

We need your support because the demand on our service has increased dramatically in the past two years, due to many more transgender children and adolescents asking for help. 

We are the only expert team providing services to transgender children, adolescents and their families in Australia. Our team of specialist doctors include Psychiatrists, Adolescent Paediatricians and Endocrinologists and we are currently raising money to employ a Specialist Nurse to help coordinate the demand for our service, provide support and advice to patients and families, and help us ensure the best care. 

What is transgender?

Many people don’t realise that there is a difference between sex and gender. Gender is a person’s sense of whether they are male, female or somewhere in between, whereas sex refers to a person’s biological appearance.

When a person feels that there’s a mismatch between their sex and gender identity this is called gender dysphoria.

Transgender children and adolescents face many difficulties due to a lack of understanding by family members, school communities and peer groups. 

Who we help:

Transgender children often feel unhappy with the body they have from as young as two or three years old. Things can get particularly distressing during puberty when a teenager notices their body’s not growing in the way they inherently feel it should. Without proper medical support, these young people and their families are at risk of depression, anxiety and other issues.

Why we need your support:

Medical assistance provided at the right time and with the right support can improve the quality of life for transgender young people and their families.

We would like to thank Transcend (link: www.transcendsupport.com.au), an Australian based support group for transgender children, adolescents and their families for their ongoing support of this service at the RCH and of course, the families that require our care.

The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation, Melbourne

The Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne is the major specialist paediatric hospital in Victoria and provides a full range of clinical services and health promotion and prevention programs for infants through to adolescents.

The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation plays a vital role in providing additional funding to support important research projects and purchase state of the art medical equipment to ensure that every child receives the very best treatment now and into the future.
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